PC Repair

Onsite PC Repair​

Become a member for $15 per month!

This covers one PC and each additional PC will be an additional $10.

Non-members will pay $69.99 for repair as well as pay for parts, if parts need to be replaced.

On site repair will be $35 an hour, with a one hour minimum and then $35 for each additional hour after that.

The PC Care Service Plan provides support and coverage for your PC. For only $15 a month, will:

- Identify and fix Hardware/Software errors
- Provide PC tune-up and maintenance
- Detect and remove of viruses, spyware and malware
- Supply standard replacement parts to repair one desktop or one laptop PC as often as needed, up to the prices listed below:

  • CD Drive (up to $50)

  • DVD rom (up to $60)

  • Fan (up to $40)

  • Hard Drive (up to $70)

  • IDE Cables (up to $20)

  • Motherboards (up to $100)

  • Network Interface Card (up to $25)

  • Power Supply (up to $60)

  • Processors (up to $100)

  • Ram (up to $60)

  • Sound Card (up to $60)

  • Video Card (up to $60)

  • Warning: We do not cover for water or liquid damage. Customer will have to stay on the pc care plan for 6 months if customer have their parts on their pc replaced. If for any reason customer decided to cancel the service during that time then customer will have to pay for the full cost of labor and parts.

Custom built PC

​​Android mobile and tablet repair


iPad Repair